2-Day Startup Accelerator Workshop Schedule

The workshops will be packed full of valuable topics designed around business demands and your requirements.  Experts in their fields will work through your business and product.

Successful serial entrepreneurs, product specialists, software developers and hardware engineers will all be available on the day.

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2-Day Startup Accelerator Workshops


June 2019:
Focussing on multiple disciplines including:
Hardware Technology: prototyping, 3D design, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain
Retail: distribution, CTA & total customer value optimisation, marketing, advertising, automation, market place integration, routes to market

Tue 18th – Wed 19th

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Morning Sessions

Start time 08:30 (VIP Tickets only)

The day begins with breakfast and an early morning dedicated session with the Founder and at least one more member of the team.

Start time 10:00

After a light refreshments and informal networking, the day begins with the founder’s introduction followed by attendee introductions.

Consultants & advisors will discuss their first-hand experience of positioning multiple businesses in different verticals, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.  

The floor will be opened up for discussions with the attendees about their business and the challenges they are facing today.  Our experts will help answer your questions and discuss how they would approach your business and which strategies they would employ.  

Afternoon Sessions

Start time 13:00

The afternoon will be spent in a number of workshops where you will get the opportunity to deep dive into your business model, competitor analysis, market opportunity, funding strategy, growth trajectory, future funding, longer-term build and/or exit. 

We will look at your current business model and pitch deck, giving you a top-level analysis from active investors who see pitch decks every day. Further analysis will be done by the team of experts who are responsible for writing pitch decks that have enabled millions of pounds of investment to be achieved across multiple businesses in various verticals.

We will help you improve on your existing business model and pitch deck or rewrite it, based on our proven formulas.  

The end of these sessions will provide you with the opportunity to discuss whether the investors present would invest in your company or if there is someone in their wider network who would be interested in investment. You could have your new investor lined up at the end of this workshop and you will have worked on vital areas of your business.

Close: 16:00

“One of the most pervasive problems for many startups I work with is not just getting the funding but how and where to spend it for maximum impact.

I’ve seen life savings, friends & family money and early seed investment spent on the wrong things but also far too much wasted on the right things, delivered by businesses making huge profits on the dreams of inexperienced entrepreneurs.

Influence Ventures exists for the entrepreneur

Practical Workshops & On-Site Consultancy

Hear from successful serial entrepreneurs who have raised Angel, Seed Capital, Series A, B, C, Funded and Exited their own start-ups and understand what it takes to achieve the same results in other businesses.  We have developed a series of workshops and talks to help you at every level of your business and no matter what stage your business is at, giving you practical input that you can begin implementing at the event with our on-site experts.

Pitch Decks

Have your existing pitch deck reviewed by active investors and take the opportunity to ask your questions through fireside chats. Learn what truly works and get your pitch deck in the best possible shape.  Walk away with your finished pitch deck.


Talks from finance specialists and active board members who are experts at achieving sustainable growth through debt and/or equity release from startups to IPO, mezzanine finance, SEIS and EIS.  We’ll provide you with a number of funding routes to walk away with.

Brand & Marketing

Workshops with UX/UI strategy specialists with a wealth of experience in creating brand and marketing strategies that have helped secure funding and taken businesses to the next level.  Walk away with your honed brand designs and marketing strategy. 


Talks from individuals who have successfully applied for and received patents for their product and software.  Walk away with patent contacts and the most cost-effective patent strategy.

3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Design for Mass Manufacturing & Bridge Manufacturing (Hardware Track)

Meet Poppy the Humanoid Robot and experience other 3D Printed prototypes alongside our 3D printers.  We will work on your product and help you with the 3D design.  Send us your .STL or 3D file before you arrive and you will leave with a 3D printed prototype.

Deep Dive on your Software (Software Track)

Our team of expert developers has produced cutting-edge patented software that is utilised in B2B & B2C applications. The team will work with you to look at your code and help you to refine, develop and position your product in the best way for funding and exit due diligence.  Walk away with a coding strategy, tools to use and the beginnings of your restructured code to apply when you leave.

Take Home

The take homes from our events are very unique.  You will leave with Branding, Pitch Deck, Go-To-Market Strategy, 3D Printed Prototype, Software Infrastructure & Architecture Development Strategy & a ready-made Influential Business Network.

Peer to Peer Network

Attend one of our events and you will automatically become part of our growing network of tech founders and entrepreneurs. This network of peers will stay with you for life.

Active Investor Network

You will have spoken to, asked questions of and received advice from our active investors who have in turn a wider investor network. The investors are your key stepping stone to your next level & could take out investment directly in your business.

Marketing & Investor Collateral

Go home with a polished brand, a pitch deck that has been used by our investors to attract millions of pounds and a clear route to market with marketing and advertising strategies to accelerate your sales.

3D Printed Prototype

If you were part of our hardware track, you will have had the chance to refine your 3D prototype in the workshops, as well as taking home a 3D Printed Prototype that you can show to your other investors.

Software Strategy

Our expert team of developers will give you insights and help to improve your software during your time on our software track with actionable changes and a forward-looking development strategy designed to pass the toughest due diligence.


A greater understanding of your business from start to finish. Strategy on how to fund, build and/or exit. What to look for, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship experience and how to avoid the pitfalls and build a successful, valuable business.

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